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Glen M. Goldstein, DMD, DICOI

Portrait of Glen M. Goldstein, DMD, DICOI

Dr. Goldstein received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University in 1983. He completed his post-graduate education at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, where he received his DMD (Doctor of Medical Dentistry) degree in 1987. He has served the Randolph area with advanced general and cosmetic dentistry since 1989.

Since his graduation, he has continued to upgrade his skills and education through a commitment to continuing education. Keeping abreast of the latest and most modern techniques used in dentistry today has always remained a top priority for Dr. Goldstein. With an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, dental implantsTMJ, and myofacial pain disorder, Dr. Goldstein offers many specialty services in one office.

A graduate of the Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Studies and the Piper Center, Dr. Goldstein is one of the few practitioners in the area who is able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat problems relating to the masticatory (chewing) system. These problems are often recognized as TMJ disorders and can often appear in the form of myofacial pain (neck and facial pain). This knowledge and training allows him to treat complicated dental and TMJ problems that other practitioners are unable to identify and ultimately remedy. Dr. Goldstein works closely with the medical profession to identify and treat patients with these problems.

Dr. Goldstein is a Diplomate and Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology (DICOI), and Dr. Goldstein lectures extensively on the subject of TMJ Disorder. He is on the Lecture Staff at Dental Studies Institute in Fairfield, NJ.

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Dr. Goldstein holds membership in the American Dental AssociationNew Jersey Dental AssociationTri-County Dental SocietyInternational Congress of Oral Implantology, and the New York Forensic Society.

Dr. Goldstein played a vital role in the identification of the victims of both the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the subsequent crash of American Airlines flight 587. On September 11, 2003, Dr. Goldstein received a commendation from the office of New York’s Chief Medical Examiner for his services as a member of the NY Identification Unit. Dr. Goldstein is an active Member of the NY disaster preparedness team based in Kings County NY.

Dr. Goldstein is an active member of RAM-remote area medical which provides dental and medical services to the underserved here and overseas.Dr. Goldstein completed his first mission in 2011 in Anderson County Tennessee. Since that time he has completed 7 additional missions in Tennessee.

In his spare time, Dr. Goldstein enjoys spending time with his wife, Donna, and their three children, Zachary, Greg, and Rachael. An active member of the community, he has participated with Donated Dental Services of New Jersey caring for the underserved in New Jersey for over 25 years. He studies and teaches Tae Kwon Do, and will earn his 5th degree black belt in 2018. Some of his other passions include flying, motorcycling, and scuba diving (especially with sharks!).

What Dr. Goldstein's Patients Say About the Practice

I came to Randolph Dental with what I considered a big dental project that I was extremely afraid of, and was postponing it due to fear. I know that Dr. Goldstein and his staff understood those fears and within a very short period of time, totally put me at ease and explained, in great detail, all of the issues in my mouth and the best way to handle them. I am grateful beyond words to Dr. Goldstein and his staff. They have actually made going to the dentist fun, if you can believe that! I live in California and will never go to another dentist again…My dental visits will always involve a plane ticket to New Jersey. – M. Maes

I was diagnosed with phase 4 periodontal disease in most of my mouth. The entire team worked quickly to scan the mouth, find problem areas, develop an entire plan to attack the whole issue, and scheduled the appointments. Best part is the expertise in the office, no need to go anywhere else for parts of the plan, it is all done in the same office. The deep tissue cleaning was amazing, Kathy has a very sensitive touch, completely pain free. Rachel is amazing, thorough, and calming during procedures. Samantha at the desk could not be any sweeter, and last but not least, Dr. Goldstein is amazing. He is truly passionate about you, your issues, and his capability to fix it all. I am so glad I went here! –Deb I.

I want to highly commend Dr. Glen Goldstein and his staff at Randolph Dental Care for their excellent work and patient care. I came to Dr. Goldstein two years ago with badly deteriorated teeth, several missing teeth, a collapsed bite and numerous other problems. It was a long road with a number of setbacks along the way, but the end result has been wonderful! I have had seven implants with bridgework, several crowns and several veneers and I’ve forgotten how many root canals, and it’s as if I have a new mouth. For the first time in years, I have a full set of functioning teeth and no pain.
As we were going through the plan that Dr. Goldstein laid out at the beginning, there was further deterioration of some existing teeth and a need to adjust the plan accordingly, but Dr. Goldstein was always flexible and made the “executive decisions” needed to solve problems and move the process forward. I know that he agonized over my case on several occasions, and we were both very relieved when the work was finally done. I recommend him and his office highly to anyone, but particularly to anyone like me who needed serious, extensive work. There is none better. –Tom M.

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